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Well, this is a bit weird for me. I haven’t blogged since I was 13, and that was for the Sims 4, a game which I still love. I have long since deleted that website, since my writing and grammar was horrible, and I found it an embarrassment. I thought I’d offer to help Pixel with his blog, since I do like to write. Only this time, instead of the Sims 4, I will be blogging about a Minecraft Server called TownyAge. I mean, you probably guessed that, judging from the name of the blog. I don’t even know what I’m writing about anymore! I guess I did title the post ‘Ridgey’s Random Ramblings and Posts’, so you can probably expect some ramblings of mine. You have been warned!

Riverdale Lodge, My House In TownyAge

About Me

I guess I should give you a little bit of my background. My real name is Caitlin, but most of you know me as Ridgey28, or just plain old Ridgey. I was born on the 28th March, 2001, to my two loving parents. I was born in Scotland, and five years later my little brother was born. So yes, I know of the joy of having a little brother. I love to draw, type up stories, and play music, but there is another thing- I love to play Minecraft. I first got Minecraft in late 2011, for the Xbox 360. That was something that brought me and my brother close, we would spend hours -eyes transfixed on the Xbox- building structures, and whatever floated our boat. Minecraft wasn’t much back then, compared to now, but it kept us occupied, something I’m sure my parent’s were glad for!. Then, we got it for PC. That is the main platform I play on at the moment, simply because I can play with my friends, which I can’t do as easily on the Xbox. When I first got it, I modded the heck out of it, downloading many viruses, and bricking Minecraft on my Mum’s Laptop (In the unlikely event you’re reading this, I’m sorry!). I left Minecraft for a bit, until I bought Minecraft Pocket Edition on my Kindle Fire HDX. I spent many an hour playing with my brother on it, building a large cobblestone castle on survival. That was my first world, and my pride and joy at the time. I took my Kindle to school, to show all my classmates my Castle, and they loved it. Unfortunately, when my Kindle died, I lost the world, but I am planning on building it again on Pocket Edition on my IPad. I went off Minecraft when my Dad passed away, I struggled to cope with my rapidly changing life. I eventually went back to it, after I had managed to gain some control of my life. Minecraft became an outlet for me, a way to express my feelings without bottling them up. It still is, and sometimes just going on the server for five minutes will help me cope with my emotions. Anyway, after a full cycle, My brother bought Minecraft for the Xbox 1, and so I started playing that again. Then, My Classmate, known as MankyManky, mentioned something about a server (I’m sorry, I can’t remember the exact conversation) and I expressed an interest. Soon, in January 2017, I joined TownyAge for the first time, one of the best things I’d ever done. It wasn’t my first time playing Towny however, I had played it when I first had Minecraft for the PC, but after the server I played on removed Towny, I sort of..well drifted away from it. So, when I came to TownyAge, Manky invited me to his friend’s town, and I settled there, living tucked away in the corner of their storage room.

My Current Town’s Spawn, Where All The New Town Member’s Spawn In

Life was good. It was improving. I continued to play on TownyAge, learning all of the ins and outs, after bugging Manky with tons of questions. I still lived in the corner of the storage room, but I was waiting for a new plot. Still, I wasn’t bothered. I was just glad that I could play without being judged like I had been in the past. Then one day, I logged on, to find out that ‘Mankyland’ was no more. I quickly asked Manky what had happened, and he said that he’d been left as Co-Mayor, and that he was going to abandon the town. Then, he offered to ask Pixel, if I could live in his town aswell, which Manky was moving too. This, my friends, was the original Riverdale. Pixel agreed, so I packed up and left the old town, and slowly started to rebuild all my stuff. I built the abomination of a house that will never be forgotten, and eventually put a roof on it, much to Manky’s joy. Manky gave me flight boots, etc, to help get me started, and I was happy and grateful. Then, I rose to rank of Assistant in the town, and built the great big red thing that was supposed to be a barn. It was ugly. Nothing more, nothing less. Thankfully, my building has slightly improved, so we have had no more reenactments. Then, I rose to rank of Co-Mayor, a role I still have now. That takes us up to March, nearing my sixteenth birthday. On the 21st of March, the server had a massive reset, in order to update and improve many things. I, wasn’t fussed surprisingly, and we made plans to rebuild Riverdale, bigger and better then ever! It started off as a few chests, and a carrot farm, but then expanded to the old town. After we actually had a town, I made my second house, which was, admittedly a lot better then the first, but not by much. I made a barn, which was also a lot better, and Manky bought me ‘Ridgey’s Flying Booties Mk.2’, which I still wear now. I mean, of course I do, I remember when custom enchants weren’t working, I missed flight so much! Manky built the Spawn for that town, and I..Well, I built the barn, and that’s literally all I remember. Oops!. Then, We made the decision to try and unite some towns together to make one big town. It was a good idea, but sadly it never panned out.

My Dog/Cat Room, Which Took Me Ages To Make!

We set up a new town, which went through many name changes over time. From Riverdale, to Baeridge City, to Skylyn, the name that it is called now, our little town changed, becoming bigger. I built my house better then ever, and have been working hard to add things to our town. I made a shop, a spawner room for Pixel, and I helped excavate a hill for more plots. Okay, so maybe I didn’t enjoy that, but we all have to do things we don’t want to do. Manky split from our town, forming his own called Mankyland. We’re all good friends, and we help each other out (although, everybody helps me more then I do them). Manky still won’t give me his head though, so I guess I need to work on that!. Now, I am a C-Mod on TownyAge, which is something I take very seriously. Although I got it a fair bit of time after the boys, I have enjoyed every minute, even when I am being constantly paranoid that I am the worst C-Mod in history. Life changes so fast, it doesn’t seem that long ago since I was that one player that didn’t know anything, and couldn’t do anything for herself. Now, I am a C-Mod, I have a rank, and I am friends with many of the people on the server. I’ve gone from knowing one person on the server (Manky) to knowing more then I can count. LyricalBlue, Bae_Cloud, and WalkingPixel are amongst those I classify as my friends. I’ve honestly enjoyed my whole time on the server, and I believe that it is one of the things that helped me get over some of my shyness, and become more confident.

Aerial View Of The Town

In short, I feel like I owe a lot to not just TownyAge, but to my friends aswell. Whether I’ve met you or not doesn’t matter, You’ve all done something for me. Some of you listen to my rants, other’s just let me talk about my dad, other’s just listen when I need them to listen or some just talk to me about cats and dogs (Yes Kookiez, I’m looking at you). I thank you all, and I swear if I see a shipping between me and Manky, Pixel, I’m going to kick your arse!. I promise the next blog post will be more cheerful, but I thought you’d want to know a little about ‘Ridgey’, and the girl behind the name. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next blog post.

Looking At Spawn From Another Angle